Six Sigma has already managed to create its success path. From the success of Motorola and GE, industries followed suit not only in manufacturing but in the areas of service: Banks, IT-enabled sectors, Government, Telecommunications, Business Process Outsourcing and even, Healthcare. Today, Six Sigma is NOT only a capability metric most people are afraid of. It is a DISCIPLINE, a THINKING PATTERN of problem solving using the objectivity of data analysis.

This Certification Program’s objective is to mould individuals who have the know-how of Six Sigma | Lean Six Sigma Problem Solving Methodology and be competent with the core tools of the model. These individuals are expected to become effective integral players or subject matter experts for the ideated Lean Six Sigma projects.



1. Graduate of any four-year degree course

2. Proficient in Microsoft Office, preferably MS Excel

3. Proficient in written and oral English



1. The candidate should gain the knowledge embodied in the Certification Curriculum by ensuring complete attendance across training conducts. In any case that a candidate may miss certain number of days, the candidate  needs to attend the other training schedule released or is subjected to catch-up sessions to be agreed between parties.

2. The candidate should manifest the embodied knowledge by passing the comprehensive diagnostic encompassing assessments on objective  information and case studies that will test the necessary competence for the additional learning module. The passing rate is 60%.

3. The candidate should manifest practical application of the course by completing One (1) Six Sigma | Lean Six Sigma Project within one year from the last day of training provided that he/she is an official Team Member. The candidate should submit a Letter of Intent with the Sponsor’s approval that the project’s impact was realized within the organization and, a testimonial from the Green Belt that the professional made a significant contribution to the success of the validated project. The project shall be deliberated based on:

* Project’s substantial impact to the organization

* Logical flow of Six Sigma | Lean Six Sigma Storyboard

* Technical Correctness and Suitability of the Analytical Tools

4. Upon successful completion, IAQP shall certify that the  candidate has attained the certification. IAQP reserves the right to defer certification for any case of misconduct of the candidate and/or of the engaged party as endorsed by DigiLEAF Inc.


Earned Credits

Upon successful completion of the certification, the professional may further earn credits in the attainment of Six Sigma |   Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certification.