This Certification Program is designed to cater to the strategic role of executing process improvement through Lean. The thinking concentrates on identification of operations, service and information wastes that lurk within the business processes and from there, execute techniques to remove, reduce or reengineer the current process state. Lean’s philosophy is to achieve the most efficient process, balanced and in smooth flow, without compromising the voice of the customer.

Upon completion of this program, an individual shall obtain a tailor-fit understanding as to how Toyota’s mechanism can be applied to other verticals of manufacturing such as: Semiconductors, Food, Consumables, Electronics, Clothing, Publishing, Fuel, Pharmaceutical and more. Examples of applicable techniques are: Identification of Time traps, Calculation of Inventory Turns, Systems for Warehousing and Maintenance, Optimizing calculation for Ordering & Service Agreements with Procurement, 5S Management, & Calibration of Machines and equipments.



1. Graduate of any four-year degree course

2. Proficient in Microsoft Office, preferably MS Excel

3. Good exposure to a manufacturing environment



1. The candidate should gain the knowledge embodied in the Certification Curriculum by ensuring complete attendance across training conducts. In any case that a candidate may miss certain number of days, the candidate needs to attend the other training schedule released or is subjected to catch-up sessions to be agreed between parties.

2. The candidate should manifest the embodied knowledge by passing the comprehensive diagnostic encompassing assessments on objective information and case studies that will test both the technicalities and application of the course. The passing rate is 75%.

3. The candidate needs to complete 1 Lean Project within one year from the last training day. The project shall be assessed based on endorsement by the Project Sponsor which will serve as proof that the project generated significant impact to the organization. The project shall be deliberated based on the logical approach of the Lean storyboard and suitability of tools and techniques used.

4. Upon successful completion, IAQP shall certify that the candidate has attained the certification. IAQP reserves the right to defer certification for any case of misconduct of the candidate and/or of the engaged party as endorsed by DigiLEAF Inc.