Organizations need not only produce high quality value, but also high talented people. This 5-Training Day certification program is designed to develop the primary knowledge and skills towards growing top-performing individuals from within. This program is catered not only to Human Resource professionals but for all individuals who foster the role of training and managing the learning of employees in all areas—from operations, support service up to leadership ranks.

Upon completion of this program, an individual shall obtain understanding of the framework towards developing a Training Development Process within the organization commencing from enterprise-wide assessment of learning needs until verification of learning effectiveness and experience through quantitative analysis.



1. Graduate of any four-year degree course

2. Professionals in the functional role of Human Resource or Training is preferred but not required

3. Proficient in written and oral English



1. The candidate should gain the knowledge embodied in the Certification Curriculum by ensuring complete attendance across training conducts. In any case that a candidate may miss certain number of days, the candidate  needs to attend the other training schedule released or is subjected to catch-up sessions to be agreed between parties.

2. The candidate should manifest the embodied knowledge by passing the comprehensive diagnostic encompassing assessments on objective information and case studies that will test both the technicalities and application of the course. The passing rate is 75%.

3. Apart from assessments, the candidate shall be asked to submit training artifacts which will gauge practical application of the candidates towards the knowledge gained. The certification requires 100% completion of the said artifacts which will be discussed during training.

4. Upon successful completion, IAQP shall certify that the candidate has attained the certification. IAQP reserves the right to defer certification for any case of misconduct of the candidate and/or of the engaged party as endorsed by DigiLEAF Inc.